Helipad Maintenance

Hospital helipads should be inspected on a regular schedule to ensure the following:

  • Overall cleanliness and condition of the helipad
  • Surface is even and free of debris
  • Free of sand and/or gravel
  • No construction supplies are lying on or near the helipad
  • Ground markings are visible
  • Perimeter lights are functioning properly
  • Perimeter fence or netting is in proper condition
  • Windsock is in good condition and illuminated

New Obstacles (contact your air service to make them aware)

  • New construction near the helipad
  • Light poles or signs


  • During winter ensure no snow drifts or piles of snow are near the helipad
  • Refer to the hospital helipad guidelines and safety presentation regarding ice melt products
  • NEAAMS requests that no “ice-melt” products be used on helipads as they can be corrosive to engine components.